Hello you lovely people – welcome to We Are Goose’s Inter-nest

It’s where we live when we’re on the web! It’s lovely to see you.

We are Goose are two men and a guitar, telling stories and teaching lessons through song. Think of troubadours and what they used to do, and then make it a bit more up to date, add some waistcoats – and you’re on the right kind of track.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. “We Are Goose” was in fact definitely pleasurable and beneficial!
    In the present day universe honestly, that is tough to execute.
    Thanks, Merle

  2. “We Are Goose | 2 men. 1 guitar. Some songs” honestly causes me personally ponder
    a tiny bit further. I personally enjoyed every single part of this blog post.
    Thanks for the post -Josie

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