Friends of We Are Goose – Mishkin Fitzgerald

It is a lovely day to sit back and watch a YouTube. So allow us to crack one out for you.

The fabulous Mishkin Fitzgerald is in a wonderful band called Birdeatsbaby – a band who we’re proud to call our musical friends. They do very good Gothic cabaret / power pop / piano and strings noise style music (they’re hard to define really) and are definitely worth checking out: You can do so here.

Mish is releasing a solo album with some of her songs and bits on – Her first single from the album is now out and available for your lovely eyes and ears!

Read all about the process here

Not only is Mish a super-talented friend of the Goose, her video contains 50% of We Are Goose. Loitering in the background shouting and drinking beer (it was a tough gig) – see if you can spot his stupid bearded head.

See… we can be classy on here sometimes


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