Some news and a song – December treat

Hello everyone

We’re very excited and happy to tell you that we’re now in the running for the Comedy Music Awards 2013 – there’ll be a lot of heats and we’ll need you to come and make some noise on our behalf. But we’re very excited about it. It’ll be ruddy spiffy.

It all kicks off in January – and you can check up about it HERE if you’re on Facebook or HERE if you’re not

In order to celebrate, we thought we’d distribute a little festive song. But we don’t have any Christmas songs… But we do have a song that is about an apocalypse of sorts – A TIM Apocalypse.

So that seems topical – doesn’t it my little Mayans xxxx

And, we’ll make the song free to download for the rest of the Mayan calendar…. (so you’ve got until Saturday if all this hoo-hah is to be believed) – go on, download it and share it with your Tim friends or celebrity Tims (celebriTims)

The Death of Timothy Leary: Battle Royale


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