News Update – London, Brighton and Oxford info

Just a bit of a news update for the cities which have been home to the Goose:

So, in order of soon-ness


We are very excited to be playing with our dear friends HungaMunga as they raise some money so that they can go and work in Madagascar and save Lemurs with the charity Azafady.

Everyone loves Lemurs

We’ve got the late shift – we’ll be playing around 11:30 when everyone is good and sloshed. We’re taking this into account, expect our most raucous songs and silliest games as we whip everyone into a frenzy of fun. It’ll be nuts. We’re very excited.

The Facebook is here 

Tickets can be booked here


We don’t do ‘proper music gigs’ all that often, so when we do do them it is because they’re being sorted out by someone we really bloody love. This time it is not only being organised by someone we love, but it is his Birthday!!! Leon Stiles is an institution of the Oxford music scene and we’re really going to enjoy opening his birthday gig playing alongside some other great bands.

We don’t play Oxford that often – so we’d love to see you lot.

Here is the Facebook


So, in May we will be playing the Brighton Fringe for a week. Doing the new version of our one hour show: Will You Hold My Hand?
It is more about John Hunter than ever before
It is sillier than every before

We will be promoting the hell out of it for the next few months…. BUT…. if you’re a friend of the Brighton Fringe, you can book your tickets now. You should. We’re going to have such a lovely time

Here is the ticket place


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