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The time has come – the big day. I’m writing this from the middle of a pile of holdalls, rucksacks and wicker baskets. We’re going to Edinburgh and we’re really excited about it. Strange to think that this show has been about 18 months in the making and now we’re finally at the point we’d been working up for all this time. It is quite a crazy malarky.

If you have somehow managed to avoid finding out what our show is about…. allow me to set the scene – with an official synopsis:


John Hunter (1728-1793) is the famous father of modern medicine. Less known is the dubious path he took to fame and fortune: heard about the bribery, the graverobbings, the Irish giant?
Combining storytelling and guitars, We Are Goose are troubadours for our times. Come and discover the macabre world of eighteenth century surgery as they finally unearth the skeletons in Hunter’s closet.

This is the incredible true story of a genuine hero of ours. The remarkable, and slightly bonkers Mr John Hunter. Please come and join us as we perform at the Edinburgh Fringe for your delight.

We’re telling a story with games and songs and puppets and trying to make it feel like a big bananas party. It will be great.

So When are you on?

An excellent question…. here are the details

Will you Hold my Hand? by We Are Goose
9pm – The Underbelly, Cowgate
1 – 25th August (not the 12th)

Get your tickets here
Say you’re coming on our facebook here


Oh yes!
As well as doing our show every day we’re also going to be doing lots of little performances and getting involved in those. So far we’re delighted to be doing shows with The Sweet Release and The Pun Run – as well as doing little sets of silliness on the Royal Mile

Here is the list so far:

2/8 – Sweet Release – Apex Hotel, Grassmarket – 11pm
3/8 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 3:50pm
6/8 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 4:30pm
6/8 – Sweet Release – Apex Hotel, Grassmarket – 11pm
7/8 – The Pun Run – Canon’s Gait – 6:05pm
8/8 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 3:50pm
10/8 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 4:30pm
12/08 – Sweet Release – Apex Hotel, Grassmarket – 11pm
13/08 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 3:50pm
15/08 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 3:50pm
17/08 – Sweet Release – Apex Hotel, Grassmarket – 11pm
18/08 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 4:30pm
21/08 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 3:30pm
23/08 – Sweet Release – Apex Hotel, Grassmarket – 11pm
25/08 – Royal Mile – Lower Stage – 3:50pm

And there is more to come with plans afoot with Knightmare LiveThe Distraction Cluband Test Tube Comedy – amongst others


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