10 Musical Comedy Acts in Edinburgh

It is nearly Edinburgh and therefore everybody is making lists about what to see and what to do.

We thought we’d make a list too.

Here is our list of Musical Comedy acts that we really like and that you should go and check out too. We’ve made it alphabetical rather than a top 10. Because we love them all.

Ben Champion

Ben Champion: Don’t Look Down
23rd – 30th August – 21:40 – Liquid Room Annexe 

One of Oxford’s finest – Ben is really rather good at knocking out a satisfying and intelligent musical number on the piano, and he sings songs about subjects that we’ve never even considered putting to music. It is always a delight. His previous form has been top notch, so we’ve got high hopes for this hour of music.

Chris Joyce

Chris Joyce: The Inflatable Colonel and the Prisoner of Azkaban
19th – 30th August – 01:00 – Laughing Horse @ Espionage

Chris is only one third of this late night show – but he is definitely worth watching. Especially if you like the idea of a giant aggressively playing the keyboard. We’ve been following him and gigging with him for a couple of years now and he always makes us laugh. A lot. Oh and we’re performing at this on the 22nd and the 28th


David O’Doherty: We Are All in The Gutter, But Some of Us Are Looking At David O’Doherty
5th – 31st August (Not 18th) – 19:15 – Assembly George Square Theatre

This feels a bit like cheating – “Hey!” we cry “Have you heard about this fresh up and coming talent from the Ireland?”. It goes without saying that David’s show will be remarkable and really really funny. It always is. So just do yourself a favour and go and see it.

roten punkte

Die Roten Punkte: Haus Party
9th, 16th and 23rd August – 22:15 – Assembly Checkpoint

One of the only acts on this list who we’ve not seen before. These are a relatively new act to us, but Tim discovered them in Canada where they have a huge following. They probably have a huge following in the UK too and we’re massively behind the times. They were amazing as the house band at the Montreal Fringe and we’re really excited to see what this 90 minute Kraut-Rock bonanza entails

Faye treacy

Faye Treacy Worries
6th – 30th August – 13:15 – Laughing Horse @ Espionage

Faye was our definite highlight of the Musical Comedy Awards this year, doing something completely new and different to the world of musical comedy. Her 8 minutes knocked us for six and we can’t wait to see what she does with the other 42. We’ve got no idea what to expect, except she doesn’t use the conventional musical comedy instruments… I mean, she doesn’t really use conventional instruments a lot of the time. This will be a properly unique fringe experience. We can’t wait to see it

jess robinson

Jess Robinson: The Rise of Mighty Voice
5th – 30th August (Not 17th or 24th) – 21:40 – Pleasance Dome

Probably the classiest act on this list, we’ve seen Jess perform at the Distraction club several times and she has always always blown our minds. Listen to your favourite singers perform a medley of the least likely songs. Then spend ages in awe of how she does it so completely effortlessly.

laurence Owen

Laurence Owen: Cinemusical
5th – 30th August (Not 17th or 24th) – 13:45 – Voodoo Rooms

Laurence is dapper, witty, intelligent and talented. We should really hate him – but he’s too bloody brilliant to hate. Another act that we’ve seen completely dominate revue shows and cabaret slots but not yet seen a full hour – we’re really looking forward to seeing this, as he looks at films and film music.

Mr B

Mr B’s Guide to Modern Life
18th – 30th August (Not 24th) – 21:55 – Voodoo Rooms

The most well dressed man in rap, and one of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We’ve always been huge fans of Mr B, and we always seek him out whenever we can. Expect tea, cricket, moustaches and a surprising amount of smut under all that received pronunciation.


Shit-Faced Showtime
5th – 31st August (Not 17th) – 18:45 – The UnderBelly Med Quad

We love the Magnificent Bastards and have always found their Shit-Faced Shakespeare shows to be highlight of the Fringe. We were lucky enough to see an early performance of this, their new project, in Brighton. And it is brilliance. Messy, drunken, musical, brilliance.


Sid Wick hosts The Comedy Song Awards
21st – 23rd August – 20:45 – The Liquid Room

We have always had a wonderful relationship with the boys at Slap and Giggle and so we’re delighted to see that Sid is turning up with his own particular brand of odd odd musical comedy, even if it is just for one weekend. Come and see him smear his sticky fingers over seven unique finalists as they compete for an award. We reckon it’ll be weird and shambolic and very very funny.


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