Wilderness Festival

Wilderness is only nearly here, and we’re all getting ready for some magical adventures. We’ve decided to have a look at some of the events that are running over Wilderness besides the big names (though we’re massively looking forward to Björk and Parliament).

Lets start with the shameless plugging. Where are WE going to be over Wilderness

Son and Sons present…. The Nocturnium Cabaret


Begin the festival with a wonderful evening of cabaret as we play with some of the finest magicians, musicians, comedians and contortionists that we know of – It is going to be wonderful.
We will be on at the Grand Spiegel at 7:10

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Shotgun Carousel present… The Reveller’s Village


There are strange things in the woods – a village which stands on the very border of madness. Monsters and humans roam together, losing their minds. We will be there to guard you against the nightmares. We will keep you safe and strong.

Come and see us from 8pm – 1am.

Shotgun Carousel present… The Mardi Gras Parade


Shotgun Carousel, Son and Sons and the Kansas Smitty’s band will be leading an amazing mardi gras parade through the festival. Bring your brightest colours and danciest legs and join us for the event of the weekend.

And now some other acts we’re looking forward to

Gabby Young and Other Animals


We’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to play with Gabby several times and we’ve been fans of hers for over a decade. Her music is a delight and she has one of the best voices we’ve ever heard. She always puts on an excellent show

She’ll be headlining the launch party on the carousel stage.

No Such Thing as a Fish


As we travel around the country we listen to a load of podcasts. This is one of our favourites. We will be in the audience spellbound as we watch the QI elves share their new found facts.



Surely something you should all be doing! Come and do Karaoke with an entire orchestra behind you. It will be amazing. And 2pm on Saaturday you can see our glitter prospector, Gabble MC and King of Karaoke perform at what will definitely be his festival highlight.

Robin and Partridge – Let’s Get Weird


We always like a comedy act with birds in their name. And Robin and Partridge are top notch. They’ll be doing games and sketches and jokes and japes. It will most definitely be brilliant.

Wild Swimming


Finally, we should all go swimming in the lake. It’ll be beautiful


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