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If you’re the kind of person who likes to read reviews – You’re going to love this page! It is FULL of reviews
Here we go….


‘This, my friends, is the future of education…While Will You Hold My Hand is first and foremost educational, it is unequivocally as entrancing and thought-provoking as any piece of theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe.’

‘We are Goose paint an enjoyable picture of the many bizarre exploits of the notorious ‘godfather’ of medicine… the duo’s storytelling, further strengthened with some memorable songs, certainly punctured a few arteries.’

‘Energetic with an outstanding musical (as well as lyrical ability)… Will You Hold My Hand? is a tenderly-told comedic celebration of a life too colourful not to be relayed in song, making it very difficult not to get swept along with the boyish enthusiasm of We Are Goose.’

Profile on the British Comedy Guide website

Edinburgh Fringe Interview on Laugh Out London


TimeOut London blog preview ahead of the Hunterian Museum late night show:

‘this blues-doo-wap-klezmer medley should send a shudder up your spine and tickle your funnybone’

Londonist Top Things To Do on Friday 19 July 2013

Preview on Culture24


‘Telling the tale with a light wit, jaunty songs [and] enthusiastic verve… delightful comedy. John Hunter is never less than a fascinating subject.’


‘With a little more time I’m confident We Are Goose will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other British eccentric comedians as Tim Fitzhigham or the Penny Dreadfuls. For now, I’ll just say this – jolly good show, chaps!’
★★★★★ from Camden Fringe 2012

‘Full of gorgeous tunes and gleefully dispensed ‘facts’. Will You Hold My Hand is exuberant, loud, stupidly brilliant, and surprisingly tuneful. They’re off next to Edinburgh, so if you’re up that way you’d be well advised to catch their show.’

‘Charming upbeat strums… and their take on John Hunter quickly raises the house into fits of laughter. Genuinely funny.’

‘We Are Goose are the racy raconteurs of salacious science lessons.’
Camden New Journal

And here are some general things people have said about us:

‘Our favourite waistcoated musical comedy duo. Brilliant songs with wit, humour and fun.’
Laugh Out London

‘Silly and ingenious… Hunga Munga heartily endorses We Are Goose.’
Hunga Munga

Whipping up the crowd with their off-the-cuff sketches…

TNT Magazine

‘Their two sets over the weekend (one of which supporting the Correspondents) boasted songs that were genuinely, properly funny. Hilarious, even. And I’m really not just saying that because they’re super nice chaps too.’

‘Frankly bizarre… more laughs than you’d expect ‘  
This Is Cabaret


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